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Christmas Training Day and Competition






The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.


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Judo Fun Fact:

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Iinkai Merchandise


Iinkai supplies premium and approved martial arts equipment. From Judogis and Belts to Specialised Club Merchandise click to check out our products!













Judo & Fundo Clubs


The Iinkai team offers judo and Self Defence sessions catering for all ages, abilities and experience. Whether it is a school judo club, a specialised self defence session or a senior British Judo Association Club session Iinkai can provide students with the opportunity to learn an effective method of self defence, a martial art and take part in a fun and enjoyable Olympic sport. See our Club Training Times, Club Syllabus and schedules as well as further details on our Senior sessions at Reading University and Self Defence bookings!

























Iinkai Products

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