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Christmas Training Day and Competition






The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.


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Judo Fun Fact:

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Reading University Judo Club (RUJC) was founded in 2001 by Dave Edmonds as a feeder club to Iinkai Judo Club.


Today Iinkai works in partnership with RUJC to provide a 1st class Judo program to University Students and other Iinkai Seniors.

We train on:

Wednesdays from 7 - 9pm, London Road Campus (postcode: RG1 5AQ)

Sundays from 7 - 9pm, Whiteknights Campus (postcode: RG6 6UR)

                 (please comtact us for details about the sunday session)


The day to day administration of the club is completed by the RUJC student committee.


Current Club Officers:

Club President: Syrgak Talantbek - 4th Kyu

Club Treasurer: Alex Lownds - 1st Dan



Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

The University Of Reading

Any senior grade judoka is welcome to this session. Please contact us for further details.


To find the session with Sat- Nav please use:


RG1 5AQ (London Road Wednesday Session)


RG6 6UR (Whiteknights Sunday Session)

              (please comtact us for details about the sunday session)

(BJA Club Number: 16039)

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Click on map above for London Road Campus

Click on map above for Whiteknights Campus